Liquid Vitamin B


What is a Vitamin B12 Sublingual?

To begin with, a sublingual vitamin is a supplement that is placed under the tongue and absorbed through the mucous membranes. This can come in tablet form as well as liquid and allows the nutrients to enter the bloodstream without having to go through the digestive system. Sublingual b 12 is one of the alternative methods for supplementing a deficiency of b12, along with b12 injections, for those who have trouble getting their vitamin through normal ingestion.

B12 is important to your general health and must be added into your diet on a daily basis. Since the b vitamins are water soluble, the nutrients are either put to use immediately or the excess is flushed out of your system when you use the bathroom. This is why supplementation of vitamin b on a daily or weekly schedule is so important for your health. You can get it through the foods you eat or through a sublingual tablet or liquid drops, depending on your preference.

Sublingual Vitamin Benefits

The benefits of b 12 sublinguals are that you have an easy way to get the recommended dosages of vitamin b into your body. For many people improper nutrition or difficulties absorbing nutrients through the gut can cause them to have a b12 deficiency. A sublingual will allow them to get the vitamin into the bloodstream quickly and avoid the possibility that it will not be ingested through the digestive system.

In addition, these types of supplements come in many different formats. For instance, most vitamin b12 supplements start out as cyanocobalamin because it is the easiest to make for the manufacturers. Unfortunately, this form of b 12 is not directly usable by the human body. It must be converted in the liver to the active forms that can create the benefit in the body, which are hydroxocobalamin and methylcobalamin. The results are that some cyanocobalamin benefits are lost in this change, whereas a methylcobalamin b12 sublingual is believed to have a higher efficacy and length of duration in the human body.

Sublingual B 12 Dosages

Dosages can be very confusing when you first start taking any new supplement, especially when outside the typical tablet. It is important to make sure that you always follow your doctor’s recommendations on which supplement and at what dosage you should take. The typical recommended dosage of b12 for adults is 2-3 mcg daily.

As you begin to look at b12 sublinguals, you might see different symbols such as µg, mcg, or mg. This can add to the confusion as to what you should be taking. Essentially, µg and mcg is the same thing, and both stand for micrograms. The mg stands for milligrams. There are 1000 micrograms (µg/mcg) for 1 milligram (mg), and, as you can imagine, it is essential to get this right because the difference between one dosage and the other can be dramatic.

For those who are new taking sublinguals, you will notice that the dosages are much higher for an under the tongue vitamin supplement then a typical tablet. This is because sublinguals and injections are typically used for those who have a dramatic deficiency in b-12, and/or difficulty in absorbing a tablet supplement due to a lack of intrinsic factor, bariatric surgery, or illness that impedes proper ingestion. In these cases, high dosages (500µg/mcg or 0.5mg) of oral b12 supplements, liquid vitamins, injections, or sublinguals have been shown to be effective in correcting B12 vitamin deficiency. You can read more on this subject here. Your doctor will be able to recommend the right intake for your personal situation and adjust it as needed.

Many people prefer to take their vitamin supplements on a weekly basis as opposed to daily. This means that they will need to take much higher dosages to compensate for the long period of time that they are taking between supplementation.

What is Methylcobalamin 12?

Sublingual methylcobalamin was mentioned above as one of the various forms of active vitamin b that your body can use directly. It is believed that this form of b12 is used more directly by the nervous system and that it can have some impact on maintaining brain function as we age. Overall, studies have shown that low B12 levels correlate with a decrease in brain volume, as noted in this study, which means that proper supplementation is important throughout your life, but especially as we get older.

Sublingual methylcobalamin has been shown to stay in the body longer than other forms of b12 and have a specific effect on improving your sleep.

Vitamin B Sublingual Side effects

Many people worry about the side effects of methylcobalamin and other b12 sublinguals. Fortunately, negative B12 sublingual side effects are few as they have a very low toxicity, even at high dosages. Despite this, it is essential that you do not begin to take any supplement, especially at a high dosage, without your doctor’s knowledge and consent. Trouble sleeping, diarrhea, and skin rashes have been reported in some who take b12 supplements.

B12 Sublingual Vitamins Reviews

When it comes to a review of b12 sublingual vitamins, there are many different factors to consider. Taste, as the liquid drop or dots must stay under your tongue for a good amount of time to allow for absorption; nutritional value; and cost are the three main areas to consider.

Some of the best sublingual B 12 manufacturers as shown from online reviews include:

Wonder Laboratories

Source Naturals


Nature’s Bounty

You can find more reviews at Amazon, please feel free to add your own review of sublinguals in the comments below.

Sublingual B12 vs Injections

For anyone is afraid of needles, the choice between vitamin b12 sublingual drops versus a b12 injection is pretty obvious. When it comes to your health both have shown themselves to be effective for someone who is not getting enough b 12 in their diet. It really boils down to convenience and cost. In addition, the cost, pain, and inconvenience of doctors visits have led more people to choosing a b12 sublingual over a b 12 injection.

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When it comes to the choice between taking a sublingual b12 vitamin supplement and getting an injection, the favorite choice is usually the sublingual. This article will discuss why sublinguals are preferred to b 12 injections, as well as their effectiveness.

The most obvious reason that people prefer sublingual b12 to an injectable supplement has to do with comfort. Even if you are not directly afraid of shots, there are few people that actively seek them out when there are comparable alternatives. Shots might be required for people with the most acute deficiency in b12, as an immediate means to replenish the liver of its stores, but you will probably be able to switch to a sublingual soon after for nutritional maintenance. You can learn more about this in our other b12 sublingual posts on the site.

Aside from the pain caused by injections of vitamin b12, the inconvenience of going to the doctor’s office for several visits is another reason that sublinguals are more popular with patients.

Methylcobalamin Injections vs Sublinguals

The overall most important factor when it comes to the decision between supplements is the effectiveness of vitamin delivery system. As people have learned more about b12 vitamin forms, methylcobalamin has found greater approval due to studies that have shown it to have a greater impact on the nervous system. The question becomes whether a shot or tablet under the tongue is more effective. While an injection will give more control over the exact amount of vitamin getting into the blood system, studies have shown that large doses of oral and sublingual supplements can have the same effect on replenishing b vitamin lows as shots can.

This means that you should speak with your doctor if you are currently getting b12 shots and would like to make a change. In the end, you should always consider your physicians recommendations on vitamin intake and consult them before making any changes in your nutrition choices.

Hopefully, this article has given you a little insight into why people would choose a b12 sublingual vs injection. Feel free to leave any questions below and we’ll be happy to add answer to our vitamin b guide.


B complex is one of the best vitamin supplements that you can take for your health, as it provides the full range of b vitamins to your body. When it comes to taking a supplement more and more people are turning to sublingual b complex due to its ability to be absorbed straight into the bloodstream. This article will discuss the benefits of b vitamin complex sublinguals and who can most benefit from them.

Vitamin Absorption Problems

One of the reasons that so many people have turned to a sublingual vitamin b complex is that they have difficulties ingesting b12 through the gastrointestinal system. This can happen do to having bariatric surgery and shortening the surface area within the gut, or it can occur due to an illness or medication that affects intrinsic factor, which are the cells in the stomach that absorb b 12. Read our other post to learn more about b12 deficiency.

When someone has this issue a b complex sublingual liquid can be used by placing a few drops under the tongue and holding it there as the vitamins are absorbed through the mucous membrane. This method completely bypasses the intestinal system, so the problems caused by pernicious anemia or gastric bypass are eliminated. In addition, you will still be getting the full range of other b vitamins that are necessary for proper health. If for some reason your doctor still thinks you are not getting enough b12, then you might recommended an additional supplement to the b complex vitamin. You can learn more about b12 sublingual here.

Alternatives to a Sublingual

The best option other than a sublingual supplement for those with vitamin B digestive problems is to buy injections of b complex. This obvious has its own issues because very few people really want to have to get a shot. Often you will have to visit your doctor to get the injection, which can be burdensome for busy people.

The plus to b complex injections is that they are highly effective in restoring your levels of the vitamin and for those who need extremely high dosages. You will want to speak with your physician about these different options so they can make a recommendation that is specific to your health situation.

Favorite Sublinguals

Of the different supplement manufacturers, the online reviews have stood out well for the Spring Valley b complex sublingual liquid, as well as Nature’s Bounty vitamin b complex liquid sublingual. You can read more reviews at Amazon and check out the prices to compare against your local pharmacy.


When it comes to your nutrition, the B12 vitamin is one of the most important nutrients your body needs to function properly. From essential daily functions such as red blood cell formation to maintaining the nervous system and brain, B12 serves many functions that affect your daily life. This article is designed as a comprehensive guide to vitamin B12 deficiency symptoms, and will include information on what the vitamin does, minor and severe symptoms that the body is deficient, causes and the current treatments for deficiency, and resources for further research on the subject. If your questions are not answered below, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment and we will add the information to this post.

Importance of B12

To begin with, it is important to be able to answer the question, “What does vitamin B12 do?” This essential nutrient has an impact on every cell that is in your body. By affecting the metabolism of each cell, the vitamin is able to play an important role in the regulation and synthesis of DNA and fatty acids, as well as the body’s production of energy. This is why so many people refer to B12 supplements as an energy supplement. Without this vitamin the body will feel fatigued and tire easily.

The nervous system and your brain are also highly impacted by your levels of B12. In addition to the bodies lack of energy, a low level of cobalamin (another term for B 12, based on the fact that it contains the rare biochemical element of cobalt) can also lead to memory loss and an inability to think clearly, which is often written off as simple tiredness or lack of sleep, but may in fact be a sign you are deficient in b12.

Mild Symptoms of B12 Vitamin Deficiency

The difficulty of understanding the body’s low vitamin b12 symptoms is that in the early stages of being deficient the indications are relatively asymptomatic. This means that the most common symptoms of b12 deficiency are difficult to associate with the cause. Examples are general tiredness; trouble with concentration, memory, and other mental tasks; sleeping difficulty; and mild depression or irritability. Unfortunately, these indicators are often over looked, and even when discussed with a doctor, can be difficult to pin down to one specific cause.

With today’s busy lifestyles and high stress work environment, these symptoms can often be overlooked as signs of not getting enough sleep or having too much going on at the office. It is important that you notice what is going on with your body, adjust your diet in small ways to make sure you are getting the proper nutrient intake, and consult a physician if any of the symptoms begin to get worse.

Neurological signals begin with minor tingling of the hands, back, and legs, but can progress to level akin to small shocks in the body and repeated eye twitches that will not subside. Since the effects of being b 12 deficient can be cumulative on the nervous system, it is essential that you speak with a medical professional if you begin to notice any of the minor signs of neurological distress. Energy levels and red blood cell formation can be returned to normal levels with supplementation, but long term deficiency of b 12 can lead to damage in the spine that is irreversible.

Severe B12 Deficiency Symptoms

As the lack of B12 vitamin extends over a longer timeframe and the depletion becomes more pronounced, the symptoms to indicate that a low intake of b 12 as the issue are more clearly displayed in the forms of anemia and greater neurological problems.

B12 and Anemia

The original discovery of vitamin B12 occurred due to its close ties with a disease called pernicious anemia. In simplest terms, this autoimmune disease affects the body’s ability to absorb B-12 vitamin from the stomach because the body attacks itself and destroys parts of the interior lining of the gut. The result is that even people with the correct diets can still be deficient in b12. A vitamin injection bypassing the intestinal system and going straight into the bloodstream can help return the body to normal health.

In the meantime, those suffering from anemia are unable to produce the red blood cells the body needs to transfer oxygen throughout the cardiovascular system. This will leave them subject to increased issues with fatigue, both mental and physical, as well as immune deficiencies that leave them more open to getting sick.

B12 and Neurological Disorders

Persistent and severe deficiencies in B 12 vitamin will create damage to the nerve cells that can become permanent. The severity of the neurological symptoms increases from those listed above to a complete disturbance in physical coordination and the onset of signs of mania and psychosis. At its most extreme level, the nerve damage can lead to the degeneration of the spinal cord and partial paralysis.

While these symptoms are obviously frightening to contemplate, it is important to understand that these are very extreme cases, and that proper supplementation and diagnosis can prevent these issues. It is one of the many reasons that it is important to be aware of what is going on with your body, and making sure to speak regularly with a physician.

Causes of B12 Deficiency and Those Commonly at Risk

Typically, the cause of a low b12 vitamin levels is an improper diet or problems with the body’s ability to absorb the essential nutrient. The following is a list of the common groups or causes associated with this issue.

B 12 Deficiency in Vegans

Veganism without supplements is a common cause of dangerously low levels of b12 because the typical food sources for the vitamin include various meats and animal products. Lacto-ovo vegetarians can avoid this issue by eating eggs and milk products, but vegans should look for a vegan friendly way to add this vitamin into their diet. While, some foods claim to be fortified with B12, there is a good deal of misinformation as to the level of vitamin present and the body’s ability to take any benefit from it.

Fortunately, there are many non-animal products based b12 supplements. This is possible because this vitamin is not actually created by plants or animals, but is naturally synthesized from specific bacteria. Normally, this bacteria is ingested by animals, which is why animal products are high in b12. In supplements, scientists have been able to replicate the organic synthesis of the bacteria and avoid any connection to animals.

Pregnancy and B12

Expectant mothers need far larger quantities of b vitamins during their pregnancy. This is why they are always recommended to take prenatal vitamins when they begin to plan on having a baby. A prenatal vitamin contains b12 in much higher quantities to compensate for the body’s greater need.

Gastric Bypass and Deficiency

The health effects of losing weight are huge, especially when it comes to issues like diabetes. It is important to understand that there are gastric bypass surgery side effects that you need to be aware of since it may require a few changes in your nutritional needs. In short, B12 is typically absorbed through the stomach walls, but a bariatric surgery lessens the area of the gut that comes into contact with the food. In a way, gastric bypass can be like a surgically induced pernicious anemia as discussed above.

The benefit of the weight loss far outweighs this side effect, but you will want to make sure to discuss proper post surgery nutrition with your doctor.

B12 Absorption Difficulty in the Elderly

As we get older our body begins to breakdown in different ways. Among the elderly a deficiency in B-12 is common due a chronic inflammation of the stomach called atrophic gastritis. This process impairs the parts of the gut that absorb b12 into the body.

In addition, it is important to understand that there is ongoing research that suggests a shortage of b12 can be linked to the onset and advancement of Alzheimer’s disease. At this time, several small studies have reported mixed indicators of connection, so more research is necessary, but it will not hurt to make sure it is a topic that you discuss with your primary physician.

Vitamin B12 Deficiency Treatment

There are many ways to treat a deficiency in b12 vitamin intake. From natural sources to liquid vitamins to sublinguals to injectables, there are many ways to compensate for a diet lacking in b vitamins or an impaired ability to absorb through the gut.

Natural Treatments

There are many natural remedies to b12 vitamin deficiency for those who need to supplement their diet. For vegans and vegetarians, Brewer’s Yeast is a natural source for b12 and can be added to almost any meal without affecting the taste. In addition, many soy milks and protein bars have been effectively fortified with B12.

Liquid Vitamin B12

Liquid drops are one of the best forms of supplement for vitamin b. This is for two reasons. First, liquid b12 vitamins are far easier for the body to absorb into the blood. Second, it is much easier to get higher dosages of the vitamin. The combination of the two factors allows the body to more of the vitamin and faster than a standard pill, and studies have shown that this can work affectively for those people that suffer from absorption related difficulties like those arising from pernicious anemia, bariatric surgery, or atrophic gastritis.

Sublingual B12 Vitamins

A sublingual supplement is something that you place under your tongue. This allows the vitamin to be absorbed through the mucous membrane and directly into the blood. Typically, the nutrient is used in larger doses in the form of methylcobalamin b12 (sometimes misspelled as methylcobalamine) and can be of great use to those who are unable to absorb the vitamin through the digestive system.

B12 injections

Injections of vitamin b12 are a necessary treatment for those with severely low levels of the vitamin in their body or absorption problems that liquid supplements can’t help. B 12 injections work well because they completely bypass the digestive system and go straight into the bloodstream. Typically, the first few weeks of will see an injection frequency of around 6 treatments, which then relaxes to once a month or quarterly depending on the persons particular needs and doctors recommendations.

Vitamin B12 Injection Side Effects and Toxicity Fears

For many people there is a fear of taking supplements many times over the recommended daily dosage because of the potential for vitamin toxicity in the body. Fortunately, B vitamins are water soluble, which means that most excess nutrients are flushed from the system daily when you urinate. B3, B6, and B9 have some potential for harmful side effects if taken at extreme levels, but b 12 has no known toxicity at this time. Please keep in mind that this does not give you license to take as much of the supplement as possible. Always speak with your doctor before taking any new supplements, especially in large doses.

With that said, there can be minor side effects of a b12 injectable such as low potassium levels due to rapid new growth of red bloods cells. Mild cases of hives, diarrhea, and anxiety have also been reported, but are usually short term. For the best up to date information on vitamin b 12 injection side effects, it is important to speak with your doctor. This way you know what to expect and they can help to make sure a more dangerous reaction is not being caused by an allergic reaction to the shots.

For those who wish to read more on this subject, please read the other B12 articles on this site. In addition, you can find more information at Wikipedia, WebMD, and the dietary supplements page at the National Institutes of Health.

Thank you for reading our Definitive Guide to Vitamin B12 Deficiency Symptoms, and please leave any questions that you might have below.


When you begin the process of learning about supplementing your B 12 intake, the option of sublingual methylcobalamin b12 will come up. This article will discuss the methylcobalamin benefits and why sublinguals can be good for many people who are b12 deficient.

Forms of B12 Vitamin

Most people assume that all vitamin b12 is the same, when in fact there are multiple forms of the nutrient. The most common form of the vitamin is cyanocobalamin. This is the inactive form of the vitamin and requires the involvement of the liver to be converted to active forms. Part of the reason why this is so common is because cyanocobalamin b12 vitamins are the easiest for the supplement manufacturers to produce. It is stable and easily crystallizes in a way that is stable for tablet production.

The draw back with this form is that the requirement to convert to a more active form can reduce some of the potency of the vitamin. Keep in mind that this does not make the vitamin worthless by any means. It can still be an effective way to supplement your diet, but you might want to discuss other versions with your doctor.

For this reason, most people look for methylcobalamin or hydroxocobalamin as these are the active and helpful forms of b12. They are directly used by your body’s nervous system and cells and have been shown to have the ability to last longer in the human body, which is especially important for those who have signs of a vitamin b12 deficiency.

So, What is Methylcobalamin?

The b 12 methylcobalamin form has been specifically connected to having a greater impact on the nervous system. This has show to have an impact on improving your quality of sleep and helping to repair the damage that has been done to your nerve fibers as a result of low levels of B12 in the blood. Sublingual methylcobalamin is an easy and pain-free way to take a supplement for those who have difficulty ingesting it through their gastro-intestinal system and hate to take b12 injections. You can find other articles on sublingual b12 on this site.

Speak with your doctor about the health benefits of methylcobalamin (sometimes misspelled methylcobalamine) and how it might help you condition. For those looking to buy methylcobalamin supplements, Amazon has been shown to have a wide selection as well as some reviews of the different brands.


Maintaining our health and our bodies is one of the most important things that we can do to ensure that we have happy, enjoyable live. A big component of that is taking supplements like b vitamin complex that helps to make sure we get the right levels of nutrients for our bodies to function and operate at their best. The following is a little information on what a lack of the complex b vitamins can do to the body, as well as why to avoid over supplementing yourself.

Microcytic or Macrocytic anemia could occur from a lack in several B vitamins. This includes B6, B9 and B12. Some of the symptoms of these anemias may be weakness, fatigue, joint pain and memory loss. Many health problems can be eliminated just by taking in the proper amounts of these vitamins.

Many doctors swear by them to help with other health problems, as well. They are often recommended for patients suffering from conditions such as nerve pain, chronic fatigue and neuralgia. They have even been known to have an effect on conditions such as high blood pressure. Commonly, a b complex liquid vitamin is recommended over the standard pill because of the ease of which the body can absorb it, but there are many different forms of supplements to choose from.

It is also important to note that having too much of a good thing is just as dangerous as not having enough. You have to be careful that you do not overdo your intake of these nutrients. Some of them can cause toxic effects if there is too much of them in your body.

For instance, too much B6, Pyridoxine, can result in skin lesions and neuropathy. This can cause infections or permanent nerve damage. An excess amount of B9 can mask a lack of B12 and this can also result in neurological damage. So, if you want to supplement these nutrients, make sure you do not get too much.

None of this information is meant to scare you off from taking a b complex supplement. The fact is that it would truly take a truly excessive amount to create this issue of over supplementing on b vitamins because they are water soluble and the excess nutrients will be flushed out of your system when you use the bathroom.  The intent is so that you understand that nutrition is all about getting the right balance and not over or under doing too much.

As a whole, it is very important to have adequate amounts of a B complex vitamin. They are essential to your health and vitality. Many people even say that they help slow down the aging process. They have great effects on both your skin and your brain. If you get enough of them in your diet, then you are doing great. However, if you do not, then taking a supplement is your next, best course of action.


For optimal health and nutrition, B vitamins are very, very important. Together, there are eight of them, and they are all water soluble vitamins. You cannot maintain good health without them. If you pick up a B complex vitamin, then you are making sure that you are getting each kind.

You can get these nutrients in some foods. These may include potatoes, meat products, meats, beans and bananas. Few people, however, eat an adequate amount of such foods to get enough B vitamins through their diets alone. Even though they may think they are doing well, they end up lacking in some of them. For this reason, many are a taking b complex liquid vitamin supplement to stay healthy.

You have to have them to improve your immune function and maintain your nervous system. You cannot support your metabolism, nor increase it, without them. If you value a great skin tone and beautiful muscle tone, you have to have these nutrients. They are very important to a lot of the healthiest aspects of our bodies.

You may have heard of a condition called Beriberi, but probably do not know what causes it. It arises from not getting enough of vitamin B1, which is also called Thiamine. It is a miserable condition with symptoms like weight loss, emotional instability and limb weakness. There are quite a few health problems that can arise when someone lacks enough of these nutrients.

Pregnant women definitely have to make sure that they get enough Folic Acid, which is actually B9. The infants born to women that do not get enough of it can have several severe birth defects. One of their first things a doctor does is try to ensure the mother has enough of an intake of it. Almost all prenatal supplements contain very high levels of this.

As you can see, a lack of any of the essential b vitamins can have a terrible effect on the body. This is why a complex b vitamin supplement can be such a great way to boost your nutrition and general health.


Being deficient in any vitamin or mineral can have a big impact on your overall health. B12 is one of the vitamins that is easily lacking in diets, especially among vegetarians as it cannot be received from plant matter and is primarily found in meat. One of the hard parts of missing key health elements is not knowing which one you are short of. The following is a few indicators that you might not be getting enough b12 in your diet.

A common sign that may be pointing to symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency include nerve shock in the sides of the body. It can take place on the sides of the hips or either sides of the upper body. The shock usually comes and subsides almost about the same time. This can begin to occur because b 12 has a direct impact on the regulation of the nervous system, and it is one of the serious indicators that are presented when this deficiency happens to an extreme level.

A lesser example of a indicator of needing this nutrient can be shortness of breath without chest pain during times of mild physical activity. Several other factors can lead to this result, so can be difficult to know exactly where this problem is originating without further clues.

One other of the serious vitamin B12 deficiency symptoms that may be a sign of a potentially grave health issue is the eye twitch. This can occur in one eye or both, and it is usually on the eyelid or just below the eye. One may be confused sometimes when this is noticed; sometimes irritations of the eye from environmental factors may cause this same eye twitch also. But twitching of the eye due to B12 vitamin deficiency is usually a recurrent problem.

Tingling along the back of both thighs is one of the symptoms of a low intake of B12. It normally starts at the hips and moves downwards. Once this has been noticed on more than one occasion, it is important to do some further tests to find out if it is due to an insufficient supply of B 12 in the bodies system. It is always better to get professional advice before a conclusion is drawn.


It is not a very difficult exercise to recognize larger indicators of a dangerous lack in B12 vitamin. However, if one is new to this situation, they may not be aware of the many indicators that result from this problem. In classical situations, the symptoms are vivid and easily recognized, but not every situation is the same. A common alternative reaction is if you are only experiencing a minor level of ill health from your lack of vitamins. This article will talk about some of the subtle vitamin b12 deficiency symptoms, so that you have an idea of what might be happening to your body, but in reality it may take medical professionals to truly make a proper diagnosis and treatment recommendation.

There are several ways by which symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency can be recognized. One of such ways of identifying these symptoms is tongue itching or tingling. The tongue itches every so often sometimes from side to side or around the tips. When this is happening regularly, it is an indication that it may be a symptom of this vitamin insufficiency.

Another thing that should be a source of concern when trying to ascertain whether a person is experiencing problems from low B 12 digestion is instances where white spots appear on the skin especially around the outer forearm areas. In most situations, this is a clear symptom of inadequate b12 levels but whenever such signs are noticed efforts should be made to confirm them.

Recurrent sores of the mouth sometimes extending along the edge of the lips are often times good indicators of a lack of vitamin B12 too. These appear as raw spots and not blisters. They can make eating or talking to be really uncomfortable. But they are not good enough to be taken as definite symptoms.

As you can see, many of these small inconveniences can be overlooked or difficult to pin down to a single source, which is why it is important to understand what a subtle symptom of a b 12 vitamin deficiency can feel like.


What you eat and the nutrients that your body takes in have a huge impact on your health and energy level. Having a lack of essential nutritional elements in your diet can lead to many health problems if that imbalance is not corrected. One of the most common types of vitamin deficiency is with the b12 vitamin. This article will discuss some of the different issues that can occur if when your body is going through this situation.

There are many potential problems that can be attributed to having this deficiency such as if there are problems with how the body digests your food or there is bacteria growth in the small intestine or there may even be a parasite that is living in the small intestine. A few other things that are noticeable with vitamin B12 deficiency symptoms is tingling in the hand near the ring finger or the palm of the hand which can extend along the side of hand stemming from the wrist. Also, there can be facial pain on one side of the face or the eye twitching usually beneath the eye or on the eyelid itself.

Signs can include migraines headaches which can be accompanied by facial pains as well or there can be variations in the severity of the migraine. Depression is a key component symptom when it comes to being low on b 12. According to clinical depression studies, vitamin B12 deficiencies have been linked with low levels especially in elder people.

Another indicator comes from those that may be vegan dieters. Because the B 12 vitamin is obtained from eating animal products such as milk, eggs and cheese, most vegan dieters will have symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency. Therefore, in order to prevent this, vegan eaters have to supplement B12 by taking a daily vitamin pill or by taking a supplemental B12 pill. They can also eat foods fortified with the vitamin, although a liquid supplement or sublingual under the tongue are the easiest means of making sure that you are getting a full dosage.