Liquid Vitamin B | Definitive Guide to Sublingual B12

Definitive Guide to Sublingual B12


What is a Vitamin B12 Sublingual?

To begin with, a sublingual vitamin is a supplement that is placed under the tongue and absorbed through the mucous membranes. This can come in tablet form as well as liquid and allows the nutrients to enter the bloodstream without having to go through the digestive system. Sublingual b 12 is one of the alternative methods for supplementing a deficiency of b12, along with b12 injections, for those who have trouble getting their vitamin through normal ingestion.

B12 is important to your general health and must be added into your diet on a daily basis. Since the b vitamins are water soluble, the nutrients are either put to use immediately or the excess is flushed out of your system when you use the bathroom. This is why supplementation of vitamin b on a daily or weekly schedule is so important for your health. You can get it through the foods you eat or through a sublingual tablet or liquid drops, depending on your preference.

Sublingual Vitamin Benefits

The benefits of b 12 sublinguals are that you have an easy way to get the recommended dosages of vitamin b into your body. For many people improper nutrition or difficulties absorbing nutrients through the gut can cause them to have a b12 deficiency. A sublingual will allow them to get the vitamin into the bloodstream quickly and avoid the possibility that it will not be ingested through the digestive system.

In addition, these types of supplements come in many different formats. For instance, most vitamin b12 supplements start out as cyanocobalamin because it is the easiest to make for the manufacturers. Unfortunately, this form of b 12 is not directly usable by the human body. It must be converted in the liver to the active forms that can create the benefit in the body, which are hydroxocobalamin and methylcobalamin. The results are that some cyanocobalamin benefits are lost in this change, whereas a methylcobalamin b12 sublingual is believed to have a higher efficacy and length of duration in the human body.

Sublingual B 12 Dosages

Dosages can be very confusing when you first start taking any new supplement, especially when outside the typical tablet. It is important to make sure that you always follow your doctor’s recommendations on which supplement and at what dosage you should take. The typical recommended dosage of b12 for adults is 2-3 mcg daily.

As you begin to look at b12 sublinguals, you might see different symbols such as µg, mcg, or mg. This can add to the confusion as to what you should be taking. Essentially, µg and mcg is the same thing, and both stand for micrograms. The mg stands for milligrams. There are 1000 micrograms (µg/mcg) for 1 milligram (mg), and, as you can imagine, it is essential to get this right because the difference between one dosage and the other can be dramatic.

For those who are new taking sublinguals, you will notice that the dosages are much higher for an under the tongue vitamin supplement then a typical tablet. This is because sublinguals and injections are typically used for those who have a dramatic deficiency in b-12, and/or difficulty in absorbing a tablet supplement due to a lack of intrinsic factor, bariatric surgery, or illness that impedes proper ingestion. In these cases, high dosages (500µg/mcg or 0.5mg) of oral b12 supplements, liquid vitamins, injections, or sublinguals have been shown to be effective in correcting B12 vitamin deficiency. You can read more on this subject here. Your doctor will be able to recommend the right intake for your personal situation and adjust it as needed.

Many people prefer to take their vitamin supplements on a weekly basis as opposed to daily. This means that they will need to take much higher dosages to compensate for the long period of time that they are taking between supplementation.

What is Methylcobalamin 12?

Sublingual methylcobalamin was mentioned above as one of the various forms of active vitamin b that your body can use directly. It is believed that this form of b12 is used more directly by the nervous system and that it can have some impact on maintaining brain function as we age. Overall, studies have shown that low B12 levels correlate with a decrease in brain volume, as noted in this study, which means that proper supplementation is important throughout your life, but especially as we get older.

Sublingual methylcobalamin has been shown to stay in the body longer than other forms of b12 and have a specific effect on improving your sleep.

Vitamin B Sublingual Side effects

Many people worry about the side effects of methylcobalamin and other b12 sublinguals. Fortunately, negative B12 sublingual side effects are few as they have a very low toxicity, even at high dosages. Despite this, it is essential that you do not begin to take any supplement, especially at a high dosage, without your doctor’s knowledge and consent. Trouble sleeping, diarrhea, and skin rashes have been reported in some who take b12 supplements.

B12 Sublingual Vitamins Reviews

When it comes to a review of b12 sublingual vitamins, there are many different factors to consider. Taste, as the liquid drop or dots must stay under your tongue for a good amount of time to allow for absorption; nutritional value; and cost are the three main areas to consider.

Some of the best sublingual B 12 manufacturers as shown from online reviews include:

Wonder Laboratories

Source Naturals


Nature’s Bounty

You can find more reviews at Amazon, please feel free to add your own review of sublinguals in the comments below.

Sublingual B12 vs Injections

For anyone is afraid of needles, the choice between vitamin b12 sublingual drops versus a b12 injection is pretty obvious. When it comes to your health both have shown themselves to be effective for someone who is not getting enough b 12 in their diet. It really boils down to convenience and cost. In addition, the cost, pain, and inconvenience of doctors visits have led more people to choosing a b12 sublingual over a b 12 injection.

Thank you for reading our Definitive Guide to B12 Sublingual Vitamins. If there are any other sublingual supplement questions, please leave them in the comments below.


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