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Sublingual B12 vs Injections


When it comes to the choice between taking a sublingual b12 vitamin supplement and getting an injection, the favorite choice is usually the sublingual. This article will discuss why sublinguals are preferred to b 12 injections, as well as their effectiveness.

The most obvious reason that people prefer sublingual b12 to an injectable supplement has to do with comfort. Even if you are not directly afraid of shots, there are few people that actively seek them out when there are comparable alternatives. Shots might be required for people with the most acute deficiency in b12, as an immediate means to replenish the liver of its stores, but you will probably be able to switch to a sublingual soon after for nutritional maintenance. You can learn more about this in our other b12 sublingual posts on the site.

Aside from the pain caused by injections of vitamin b12, the inconvenience of going to the doctor’s office for several visits is another reason that sublinguals are more popular with patients.

Methylcobalamin Injections vs Sublinguals

The overall most important factor when it comes to the decision between supplements is the effectiveness of vitamin delivery system. As people have learned more about b12 vitamin forms, methylcobalamin has found greater approval due to studies that have shown it to have a greater impact on the nervous system. The question becomes whether a shot or tablet under the tongue is more effective. While an injection will give more control over the exact amount of vitamin getting into the blood system, studies have shown that large doses of oral and sublingual supplements can have the same effect on replenishing b vitamin lows as shots can.

This means that you should speak with your doctor if you are currently getting b12 shots and would like to make a change. In the end, you should always consider your physicians recommendations on vitamin intake and consult them before making any changes in your nutrition choices.

Hopefully, this article has given you a little insight into why people would choose a b12 sublingual vs injection. Feel free to leave any questions below and we’ll be happy to add answer to our vitamin b guide.


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  1. M.T on Sun, 14th Mar 2010  

    I currently started taking the sublingual and I really feel a difference. I mean, I just started but it feels like an instant type of energy. I am up-ing my dose as the days progress. I would recommend to anyone who wants instant energy.

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