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Sublingual Methylcobalamin B12


When you begin the process of learning about supplementing your B 12 intake, the option of sublingual methylcobalamin b12 will come up. This article will discuss the methylcobalamin benefits and why sublinguals can be good for many people who are b12 deficient.

Forms of B12 Vitamin

Most people assume that all vitamin b12 is the same, when in fact there are multiple forms of the nutrient. The most common form of the vitamin is cyanocobalamin. This is the inactive form of the vitamin and requires the involvement of the liver to be converted to active forms. Part of the reason why this is so common is because cyanocobalamin b12 vitamins are the easiest for the supplement manufacturers to produce. It is stable and easily crystallizes in a way that is stable for tablet production.

The draw back with this form is that the requirement to convert to a more active form can reduce some of the potency of the vitamin. Keep in mind that this does not make the vitamin worthless by any means. It can still be an effective way to supplement your diet, but you might want to discuss other versions with your doctor.

For this reason, most people look for methylcobalamin or hydroxocobalamin as these are the active and helpful forms of b12. They are directly used by your body’s nervous system and cells and have been shown to have the ability to last longer in the human body, which is especially important for those who have signs of a vitamin b12 deficiency.

So, What is Methylcobalamin?

The b 12 methylcobalamin form has been specifically connected to having a greater impact on the nervous system. This has show to have an impact on improving your quality of sleep and helping to repair the damage that has been done to your nerve fibers as a result of low levels of B12 in the blood. Sublingual methylcobalamin is an easy and pain-free way to take a supplement for those who have difficulty ingesting it through their gastro-intestinal system and hate to take b12 injections. You can find other articles on sublingual b12 on this site.

Speak with your doctor about the health benefits of methylcobalamin (sometimes misspelled methylcobalamine) and how it might help you condition. For those looking to buy methylcobalamin supplements, Amazon has been shown to have a wide selection as well as some reviews of the different brands.


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